Government can serve Monsters

How bad can government governance get? Nazi Germany bad. Nazi Germany didn’t happen because Hitler was brilliant. Hitler was a ruthless opportunist, not brilliant. Hitler took advantage of dysfunctional government governance and the abusive conditions of the Treaty of Versailles that created an opportunity to hijack the government. This gave him control of a large standing army and some of the most brilliant military minds of the time. An excerpt from Gang Politics:

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler – Political Opportunist

“Adolf Hitler’s rise to power beginning in the early 1920s exemplifies extreme government hijacking in its darkest form and the opportunities available to exploit poor governance in government to seize power.

Hitler took advantage of the German people when they were vulnerable, at a time when they wanted, and needed, nothing more than to feel safe and in control and to belong to a powerful group after the massive losses they suffered in World War I and the draconian reparations required by the Treaty of Versailles.” #gangpolitics

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