Gang Politics

Democracy. Is it real, an illusion, or a con?

Governments are organizations. They will serve whoever effectively controls their direction and accountability, their governance.

Gang Politics is a discussion of government and politics from a governance perspective. It analyzes the root causes of government dysfunction while exploring governance and what we can collectively do to ensure our governments serve us, its people.

Review by Julie Garland McLellan,
Professional governance consultant & author

Julie Garland McLellan, author of five books on governance as well as the corporate governance newsletter Directors Dilemma, said this about Gang Politics in her December 2019 Directors Dilemma Newsletter:

“This short book looks at the governance of governments. It provides many pithy definitions of phenomena that we observe and frequently name inaccurately.

I particularly liked this one: “Governance is a confusing and very misunderstood subject that is at the root of both organizational performance and accountability. Governance is fascinating, very poorly understood broadly, and a substantial influence on global economic and political issues. Governance is the structure, relationships and processes of authority, responsibility and accountability in a business, organization or government.”

Gang Politics is a book written about government and politics from a governance perspective analysing why government dysfunction happens and perhaps help us understand what we can collectively do to ensure our governments serve us, its people. Although corporate governance gets very few mentions in the text, the ideas are easily extrapolated and applied to the commercial context – especially for government owned companies.”

A portion of each copy of Gang Politics sold, both digital and print, supports governance education development and promotion of good governance globally in education, business, nonprofits, charities, and governments.

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